About Us

Cann10 is a leading licensed international company in the field of medical cannabis, based in Israel. With 10 offices and activities in over 10 countries, our solutions including growing, producing, marketing and consulting for investors, helping them make optimal business decisions. Cann10 empowers the medical cannabis industry through 5 main activities extending from seed to sale: Cann10 Medical Cannabis products - The company’s leading product is Cannareet, a line of medical cannabis products currently sold in pharmacies in Israel in the form of oils, flowers and cut flowers. Cann10 Education - E-learning platform, academic courses and high-level professional conferences about medical Cannabis. Cann10XL - Medical Cannabis accelerator for innovative, game-changing technologies. Cann10 International – A global network of partners who enable global trade, including cannabis growing and processing facilities. Cann10 is involved in regulatory processes as well as information sharing, and has partnerships in several countries including Portugal, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Australia and Brazil. Cann10 Investments - Consult and facilitate investment processes using our extensive global capability. We specialize in every phase of medical cannabis from seed to sell in an effort to help medicinal cannabis consumers live longer and healthier life.