About Us

Wrazel is an online investment marketplace for licensed cannabis related investment opportunities. Wrazel provides a central location for investors to invest directly into cannabis related businesses and for cannabis entrepreneurs to secure funding for their business ventures.

Wrazel provides an online marketplace that makes it easy for “Sponsors” to raise capital for their cannabis related businesses. “Sponsors” can upload their investment opportunities directly onto the Wrazel marketplace. Once all necessary information is uploaded and Wrazel has approved the project, the investment opportunity is live. Investors and lenders will be able to see the investment opportunity and invest their money into your project.

Investment opportunities on the Wrazel marketplace are uploaded by third-party “sponsors” that are seeking to raise capital for their cannabis related businesses in exchange for debt, equity, or a combination thereof. Accredited investors and lenders can directly invest into these investment opportunities by making a free account on the Wrazel marketplace. Once an account has been created, investors and lenders can browse available investment opportunities, analyze due diligence information, and make investments in projects that meet their criteria.

Businesses and service providers can list their business on the Wrazel marketplace that are accessible to all on the marketplace. Businesses can claim their listing to update their business contact information, explain their services, and engage with others on the marketplace.