Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

About Us

Who We Are - Here at Cannabis Industrial Marketplace we supply you with all the growing and cultivation equipment, supplies and everything else you may need. We provide you with Hydroponics Equipment, POS & Software, Packaging Supplies and more. Visit our website.

Vision - We saw other web marketers rejecting the cannabis industry, forcing them into a corner with two greedy companies. It's unacceptable. We seek a future offering better, fair solutions, that don't take advantage of customers, and it's starting with us.

Core Values - Reasonable. Fair. Respectful. These are the core values that define and guide us in our daily work and the way we do business. We know the value of a customer and what it means to earn their trust.

Leadership - Leads for Weed was started by a team of website engineers with decades of experience. Typically servicing industrial companies, we know what it takes to pioneer internet marketing strategies that yield results.

** Our Services Include: ** ~ Website Design ~ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ~ E-Mail Campaigns

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace