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About Us

At Green Flower, our mission is to help you learn everything about cannabis today.

That’s why we partner with the world’s top cannabis experts, help them package their knowledge into easy-to-understand courses, classes, videos, and articles, and then send them to you!

So whether you’re interested in using cannabis as medicine, starting your own cannabis business, being a better activist, or growing your own cannabis at home, we’ve got you covered.

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Our core values:

Cannabis has the potential to positively impact millions of people around the world, but only by bringing this plant out of the shadows and into the light can we truly make a difference. These values are helping us drive this worthy mission forward.

- We support and collaborate with the cannabis community, because there’s strength in numbers.

- We believe in revealing the truth and science of cannabis.

- We strive to broadcast trustworthy, credible cannabis experts and knowledge.

- We believe in cannabis as a medicine for health, wellness, and transformation.

- We promote and teach responsible cannabis use.

- We create real opportunities for people to get involved in the cannabis industry. - We love this plant and believe it can change our world for the better.

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