Medicinal Genomics Corporation

About Us

Medicinal Genomics is a life sciences company that distributes genetics-based platforms for quality and safety testing of legal cannabis. In addition to our testing platform, we provide services enabling legal cannabis cultivators and distributors to genetically identify cannabis strains so that the medical community can track those cannabis products that provide the maximum patient benefit and product reliability. The MGC Strain ID solution also enables growers to generate the foundational information for documenting and publishing their Intellectual Property for strains they develop.

MGC was founded by Kevin McKernan, a world renowned leader in DNA sequencing technology, pioneering researcher and thought leader in cannabis genetics. MGC was the first company to sequence the cannabis genome and has subsequently sequenced hundreds of different cannabis strain genomes. This groundbreaking work has allowed MGC to provide the science for cannabis identification and safety in ways that profoundly enhance the scientific validation of the healing powers of this natural medicine.

Medicinal Genomics Corporation