Missouri Hemp Association LLC

About Us

The Missouri Hemp Association Exists to Expand the Resources of Missouri Agricultural Hemp to Benefit Farmers, Processors, Manufacturers, and Investors.

The MHA is a commodity group that exists to benefit the entire hemp industry in Missouri – everyone from growers to businesses to investors. We want to use hemp-based products to make our state a place that fosters entrepreneurship for growing hemp. Unlike most organizations similar to ours, we exist to make a profit. We want all of our relationships to be profitable and we want to be a driving force behind the hemp industry in Missouri.

MHA Structure

Staff / Board of Directors

Our team is made up of professionals from many industries, including agribusiness, law practice, accounting, and more. They are all dedicated to creating opportunities for hemp production in Missouri.

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board is made up of professionals, manufacturers, and investors in the hemp industry. They generate input to create marketing opportunities for hemp growers that are a part of the Missouri Hemp Association. This board is made up of 6 members that serve three-year terms.

Grower Advisory Board

The Grower Advisory Board is made up of a group of hemp growers who are part of the Missouri Hemp Association. They trailblaze a direction that benefits Missouri hemp growers with good information and resources to help growers have a strong and profitable hemp industry in Missouri. This board is made up of 8 members that serve two-year terms.

Scientific Research Board

The Scientific Research Board is made up of professional researchers and scientists who continue to research all of the uses and benefits of hemp and hemp products.

Missouri Hemp Association LLC