7 Stars Holistic Healing Center

About Us

7 Stars HHC operates under a simple philosophy: offer customers great cannabis products and excellent service in a friendly and informative environment. 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center proudly operates as one of Richmond’s first recreational marijuana dispensaries in full compliance with California’s Proposition 64. The dispensary team at 7 Stars HHC is thrilled to share its appreciation of top-grade California cannabis with adult-use consumers. The 7 Stars HHC team is proud to be a contributing member of its Richmond community. The budtenders often partner with local nonprofits and charities to serve as a force for positive change for the communities they serve. 7 Stars HHC’s staff also loves hearing feedback from its customers, whether its recreational guests have product requests or want to volunteer with 7 Stars HHC’s outreach programs. At 7 Stars HHC, people are number one.

7 Stars Holistic Healing Center