Purple Star MD

About Us

Purple Star stocks the shelves with the finest cannabis products in the industry. From high-grade strains to delicious edibles, San Francisco recreational marijuana users will find everything they need for a smooth medicating experience. Our collection of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains includes top-shelf names like Green Crack, Granddaddy Purple, and Girl Scout Cookies. We offer terpene-rich crumble, shatter, hash, and wax. We also carry our in-house vape cartridges. We carry well-known names like AbsoluteXtracts, Jetty, Brite, and Stiiizy. Enjoy our house prerolls or tarantulas from Ganja Gold. We also carry CBD-friendly companies such as Care By Design, Marley Naturals, Procana, EFEX, Dosist, and many more! Rolling papers, pipes, batteries and grinders are also available for purchase.

Purple Star MD