About Us

XG Platinum is a Garden City Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. We carry the highest quality of products, including our renowned bud, delicious edibles, potent concentrates and amazing caviar bud and caviar rolls. (Platinum Bud and Platinum Rolls). We also offer CBD products, which have been known to aid in pain management along with ailments ranging from minor to severe. XG Platinum works with a team of local cannabis cultivators to continue growing their inventory of marijuana items. They rotate cannabis strains to provide consumers with the freshest. most professionally cultivated Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. XG Platinum customers can find cultivars such as Grape Ape, OG Sin, Hayze, AD Hoc, and Rainbow Flow. Garden City dabbers will enjoy pristine concentrates extracted from XG Platinum’s top-shelf strains in budders, shatters, and distillate. XG Platinum is best known for their hash-oil infused Platinum Bud Caviar, rolled in kief for superior flavor. Patients can discreetly medicate with strain-specific vape cartridges in half- and full-gram sizes. Their assortment of edibles includes THC-infused brownies, cookies, and Bud Bars. Sample XG Platinum strains and pick up a strain-specific preroll filled with top-shelf flowers.

XG Platinum