About Us

MarQaha supports your personal journey by offering this amazing plant embraced over thousands of years in a variety of ways. Medical, Spiritual or Therapeutic it offers so much and asks for so little in return. All the aromas and benefits in the plant are respected and elevated by MarQaha. We specialize in creating different ingestible forms of the plant that expand your potential by offering different ways of interaction. We take a good thing and aim to make it better with all-natural ingredients and an honest hands-on approach to craftsmanship. Each product we design requires so much more than cannabis to create something extraordinary. It's the union of all ingredients such as the coffee beans, chamomile tea and blueberries that brings harmony within the blend.
Sourced locally and globally, we are obsessed with finding the best ingredients and meeting the people behind them that grow the raw goods. Trust is established and friendships are fostered with the farmers, roasters and suppliers that makeup the finer pieces that create our products.