About Us

When cannabis started to be available recreationally in Colorado, there was a clear need for consistent, reproducible dosing for ingestible products. Our team brought decades of pharmaceutical science experience to the cannabis space. With their expertise, Stratos tablets were born and changed consumer expectations for accuracy.

With everything we do, we aim to help people. We listen, research, develop, refine, and educate in order to provide the utmost value to our customers, our budtenders, and our teammates. Combining passion and purpose inspires us to deliver the highest quality cannabis products on the market. As we develop new products, we strive to maintain these standards. We grow, extract, formulate, test, and perfect every batch manufactured in our pharmaceutical-inspired facilities to produce pure, consistent products. Every cannabis extract can be traced back to the actual, individual plant from which it came. Once the cannabinoids are properly isolated from the plant and identified via HPLC laboratory testing, we blend the extracted cannabinoids in the proper ratios to produce the desired effects. This rigorous seed-to-sale approach ensures that our products are clean and deliver the effects advertised—each and every time.