America Israel Cannabis Association

About Us

The America Israel Cannabis Association, AICA, has been established by American entrepreneurs who seek to build an apolitical membership-based business league to promote medical and biotech R&D and therapies, agri-tech solutions, high tech solutions, education, investment, and business between the Israeli cannabis industry and the expanding American market. The flow of information, the education, the ideas, and the ultimate therapies for those benefitting from the cannabis therapies and medical treatments will create comfort, relief and complete recoveries for patients and their families and friends as well as business opportunities for professionals within both the American and Israeli cannabis industries.

AICA will nurture cross-national relationship building and communication through seminars, conferences, trade association events, private introductions and other networking platforms. AICA will publicize Cannabis trends, emerging technologies and recent medical research emerging from within the two nations. By sharing ideas, research, and product development within this emerging industry, AICA members will be best positioned to maximize opportunities as legalization increases within both nations. AICA’s goal is to help support the discovery of therapies from the cannabis plant for all types of indications and to aid members in staying abreast of opportunities within the industry for collaboration.

America Israel Cannabis Association