3C Consulting, LLC

About Us

3C Consulting, LLC™ has become one of the most sought-after cannabis industry partners. 3C™ leverages over three decades of cumulative experience in agriculture and farming, architecture and engineering, project management, facilities management, development of best practices, education, strategy, marketing, legal compliance, and, of course, medical marijuana cultivation and processing. This innovative and esteemed group of practitioners develop productive, scalable and efficient methods that surpass by far, the approaches predominant in the industry. In the mountains of Colorado, 3C™’s principals participated directly in the rollout of the regulated Colorado medical and recreational markets, shaping by example, the models that are now being emulated across the nation. 3C™ helps clients to navigate the legal complexities of licensure, while also being a trusted advisor on critical business functions like marketing, advertising, distribution and more. Because of the broad nature of our expertise, we craft the optimal business solution specifically tailored to your cannabis ventures. We advise on practices that are profitable, sustainable and responsible, relentlessly driving higher standards for the industry.

3C Consulting, LLC