Canna Group, Inc.

About Us

Canna Group Inc. provides consultancy services to businesses and chrontrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. It offers business and project development services that include state application, dispensary operational plan, dispensary renderings, compliance package, dispensary inventory/essentials manifest recommendations, equipment manifest/ordering list, fire suppression renderings, grow facility operational plan, grow rendering, MSDS binder, product and brand creative design, product and brand development, horticulture equipment installation and oversight, and S.O.P.’s development and binding services. The company also provides consultation and advisement services, which include business plan creation, event instruction, guest speaking, initial consultation, and financial modeling/statements services. In addition, it offers education and training services, including event instruction, guest speaking, EZ grow formatting, power consumption/water consumption, nutritional model/feed schedule, continuing and advanced courses, dispensary staffing and training, grow facility staffing and training, master grower staffing/placement, and on-site project management services; and employee staffing, training, and management services.

Canna Group, Inc.