About Us

PSI Labs is Michigan's premier cannabis testing lab.  One of the first two Safety Compliance Facilities licensed by the state, PSI Labs is an ISO-accredited, full-service cannabis testing lab, devoted to research, advocacy and quality control testing within Michigan’s retail cannabis industry. We offer full MMFLA compliance testing for provisioning centers, processors and growers, as well as testing for patients and caregivers under the MMMA. 

Our services include on-site sampling, cannabinoid profiling, terpenoid profiling, foreign matter exams (mold, mildew, fungus and foreign material screening using microscopy), microbiological screening, mycotoxin screening, moisture testing, water activity testing, residual solvent screening, chemical residue testing (pesticide and fungicide screening) and heavy metal screening. 

PSI Labs also offers specialty consultation services for provisioning centers, product manufacturers, breeders and caregivers.

PSI Labs