About Us

MERRY JANE  is a cannabis-focused digital media platform launched by rapper Snoop Dogg in 2015, with media entrepreneur Ted Chung. The site features editorial content on the business and politics of the cannabis industry, original video series as well as a database for identifying cannabis strains and dispensaries. MERRY JANE, Inc. develops and operates a media platform that showcases pop culture, business, politics, and health for the new generation of cannabis culture. It offers MERRY JANE, a platform that provides culture, news, video, food, and style relates to marijuana and cannabis; and content and exclusive stories of people ranging from global celebrities to local activists, as well as provides a hub as the destination for cannabis lifestyle and new frontier of marijuana news. The company also provides interactive tools to explore the new frontier of products, dispensaries, and community; search for local dispensaries and see which ones are open near; and review menus and get daily, weekly, and..