Wise Public Relations, Inc.

About Us

At Wise Public Relations, Inc., we believe in making a fundamentally positive impact on our client's businesses, by investing in relationships that grow stronger and deeper with the passage of time.

We also have a natural affinity for the underdog. And, we love it when the underdog wins by outsmarting, out-hustling and outmaneuvering the competition rather than outspending them. That’s our specialty. And, we do it through a variety of disciplines, all working together to create real momentum that give our clients a critical competitive advantage in the marketplace. You see, we know this is possible because we’ve practiced integrated PR since day one. The caliber and experience of our team and rigorous content development process consistently and systematically brings our clients’ stories to market in the most impactful ways - a process we're now famous for called - "Rolling Thunder™"​.

We always bring 'fresh thinking'​ and passion into every discipline within the organization - disciplines that are constantly evolving to better meet our clients'​ needs. And, because we believe that all of us are smarter than any one of us, we reject traditional agency silos and boundaries that can stifle cross-pollination, the result is a more integrated, team-centric approach with proven outcomes that build stronger brands.

Wise Public Relations, Inc.