Custom Hydro

About Us

Water Wise and Organic Farm and Garden Supplies. Supplier of raw materials for the formulation of custom commercial hydroponic and fertigation solutions and organic soil amendments. Industry leader in this regard. First to bring AgSil 16h and Vansil w-10 to the cultivation community. Independent sales of ICL PeaK MKP, PeKacid and NovaMAP. Everris Peters Professional Hydroponic Special. Haifa Magnisal, MKP, Yara CalciNit, UltrasolSOP 52. PQ AgSil 16H and Silmatrix (AgSil 25). Silicon soil amendments Vansil W10 and Grow-Sil Biogenic Silica.
Ferti-Organic soluble organic inputs. Ferti-Nitro Plus plant nitrogen, Soluble Fulvic Acid Extract, Soluble Humic Acid Extract, Soluble Seaweed Extract, Neem Seed Meal and Cold Pressed Neem Oil.

Custom Hydro