Dazey’s Supply

About Us

Dazey’s Supply is a exclusive US Distributor for CHIKAMASA scissors. Responding to the needs of our customers has launched DAZEY’S SUPPLY as a leader in the commercial agriculture market, supplying everything from water tanks and irrigation, bulk and bagged soils and composts, commercially priced fertilizers, biologicals and pest controls, greenhouses, fans, lights, and nursery containers, as well as commercially priced remesh, fencing, shade solutions, etc. DAZEY’S SUPPLY is also the home of DAZEY’S DISTRIBUTION, our wholesale division, which is the exclusive U.S. distributor of CHIKAMASA scissors and pruners. We also distribute a variety of nutrients, dehumidifiers, fans, plastics, etc. New in 2015 was the opening of our new DAZEY’S BUILDING CENTER, a fully loaded building supply and lumberyard located in nearby neighboring Garberville.

Dazey’s Supply