About Us

Since 2010, BloomBoss has been a leader in and at the forefront of light spectrum technology, producing smarter, higher quality, highly effeicient, cooler running LED grow lights. BloomBoss’s Proprietary TrueSunⓇ Smart Spectrum is at the core of FUSION Series grow lights, replicating sunlight from within, which is why we say, ‘TrueSun Inside.’ BloomBoss offers high performance LED grow lights to fit any size grow room, from the home/hobbyist to the commercial grower. BloomBoss FUSION LED Grow Lights are truly full-cycle grow lights, cover all stages of growth and have comparable yields to HID lights, while offering heavier producing plants and more natural looking harvests. All BloomBoss lights feature top quality components and are backed by a no-hassle warranty by a US based company. LED Grow Lights have reached a new high with BloomBoss. After years in development and close collaboration with professional growers throughout North America, they have engineered a grow light technology that will help you craft healthier, sweeter, more resin-infused plants.