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About Us

Marijuana Cannabidiol/CBD has been considered a cash-based business with limitations on business banking and merchant services, due to legality and risk factors for online distributors. The industry has had to pursue alternative legitimate processing solutions, which are not necessarily the best options due to high back-end fees with no guarantee of great service. As a result, Weed Pay LLC came into being as the superior choice for Marijuana Cannabidiol/CBD companies to have a new and better financial option with great service and affordable rates for their thriving businesses as well as provide a practical payment solution for their customers. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the credit card processing solutions industry for many years in other consumer-based industries and have since brought their expertise and banking relationships to the cannabis sector. Our experience in Cannabis regulations is what makes our company a unique combination. Through strategic alliances within the credit card processing industry and banks that recognize the medical marijuana industry, Weed Pay LLC is dedicated to creating reliable and efficient resources for client companies and their online customers.
We offer complete debit and credit card processing packages and a depository banking solution for medical marijuana dispensaries and Cannabidiol/CBD providers; inclusive of cost-efficient options and customer service for clients. We also offer user-friendly cashless ATM's for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries as a great option for clients.

Evergreen Gateway