About Us

We have been developing +2 since the fall of 2008 and have finally made a tobacco free nicotine free smoke that has the same taste and satisfaction as traditional tobacco products but has none of the harmful effect of nicotine. +2 is devoid of all of the bitterness and after tastes associated with herbal smokes.

It has been a very long and interesting road, the science behind +2 is truly remarkable and we are sure you will find +2 to be truly the only tobacco free, nicotine free product that compares to current tobacco products available today.

Our research and development process have created hundreds and hundreds of versions, adding or taking away different plants and extracts, changing steam and air pressure along with temperature and increasing or decreasing our baking time, Trying to figure out how each plant and extract interacts with each other as well as how it “cooks”, each version getting a little better than the last culminating in the development of +2.

+2 LLC