If the cannabis industry insists on marketing weed as an upscale boutique brand it will die. Just ask MedMen.

In an exclusive investigation, Politico gives a thorough account of how former MedMen CEO Adam Bierman flew too close to the sun, attempting to — not unlike Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes — imitate his idol, Steve Jobs, if not substantively, at least in style. But is the downfall of the “Apple Store of Weed” a cautionary tale for the cannabis industry at large, or is it another in a myriad of corporate excesses that make for good gossip in the business pages?
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US hemp industry reimagines ‘Hemp for Victory’ campaign to aid frontline coronavirus workers

A national network of hemp farmers, businesses and organizations came together this week, inspired by the federal government's “Hemp for Victory” campaign during World War II, to coordinate the production and donation of hemp-based products and materials for nursing organizations, food banks, and other organizations helping people impacted by COVID-19. The new group announced themselves on Tuesday under the banner Hemp for Our Future, which is described in a statement as a social responsibility campaign to support healthcare workers and community organizations on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis.
May 21 Features

State, local cannabis industries show economic promise despite protests from anti-legalization advocates

Despite the fact that 2.4 million more Americans filed for unemployment this week and experts are predicting that the overall numbers could reach 30 percent by the end of the year — outpacing the height of the Great Depression — there were positive signs of economic stability coming out of the cannabis industry. According to a report written by economic research experts, RCG Economics and commissioned by the Nevada Dispensary Association, Nevada collected $172 million in excise tax, sales tax, and licensing fees from legal cannabis sales.
May 20 Features

Playboy’s cannabis content hub lists the top five nonprofit advocacy groups in weed

As part of a new focus on the cannabis industry and all things pot, the legendary Playboy Magazine, a longtime supporter of the cannabis movement for the last half-decade, has launched a new cannabis content hub. As part of their inaugural spate of stories, Hugh Hefner’s rag gave its endorsement to five “cannabis nonprofit organizations that have been vetted and hand-selected by the brand as leaders in their field.”
Innovative Industrial Properties Inc.
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (The)
Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.
Cara Therapeutics Inc.
Marijuana Stocks
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