FinCen releases new marijuana banking report, but cannabis businesses aren’t in the green yet

As the SAFE Banking Act works its way through Congress, the number of financial institutions providing banking services to cannabis businesses in the United States continues to climb. FinCen reports that over 600 banks and credit unions have worked with marijuana businesses in 2019, a jump from 400 banks last year.

Illinois just legalized the recreational use of cannabis and maybe even approved smoking marijuana in restaurants and bars

Where would you like to sit? Would you prefer the smoking or non-smoking section? These questions were staples for hosts as they greeted customers entering into restaurants before smoking was nationally banned from restaurants.

Panama's medical cannabis legalization bill, still pending almost two years later

On February 12, 2019, Panama City hosted more than 60 speakers for two days in its first ever medical cannabis conference. The conference was a premier meeting of some of the biggest movers in the medical cannabis sphere and was a resounding, sold out, success.

Oregon lawmakers pass legislation to deal with excess cannabis inventory

Unfortunately, Oregon is in a cannabis-conundrum. They quite literally planted more marijuana than they could sell.
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