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Minnesota Company Claims to Have Solid Competitor to “Charlotte’s Web”

One of Minnesota’s medical marijuana manufacturers says it’s cultivating a new strain of marijuana that could slash costs for medical cannabis users in Minnesota.

Minnesota Medical Solutions announced Wednesday they’ve bred a plant with much higher amounts of cannibidiol, CBD) content than any cannabis plant known.

Called the Katelyn Faith strain, the strain was cultivated through months of research, Vireo Health Chief Executive CEO Kyle Kingsley said Wednesday at the company’s Otsego greenhouse and laboratory, “This plant is essentially non-intoxicating.” He says the new strain has been verified by an independent lab. Vireo Health is parent company of Minnesota Medical Solutions.

“Standard medicinal plant is going to have a 1-1 ratio,” said Kingsley. “Charlotte’s Web has a 20-1 ratio. Our new strain has a 34-1 ratio. So, this is a pretty dramatic leap forward in CBD content.” “This is likely the most CBD-rich strain in the world, though it’s difficult to know for sure because testing is not as rigorous and transparent as it should be,” Kingsley said.

The two primary medical components in a cannabis plant, CBD and tetrahyrdocannabinol (THC) are sometimes used to treat different ailments. THC is used in cancer treatment, while CBD helps patients with seizure conditions.

“Katelyn Faith” was named after Katelyn Faith Pauling, an 8-year-old girl from Montevideo, Minn. who died from complications of Battens Disease which causes seizures.

“We named this special plant after a special little girl,” Kingsley said. “It would not have helped cure her disease, but it likely would have made a positive effect on her quality of life at the end.”

According to Kingsley, the new strain will drive down the cost of the drug, “This allows us to produce high CBD medications in a much more efficient manner,” said Kingsley, “Within the next year, we anticipate that this novel development, this new strain, is going to drive down costs for all patients at Minnesota Medical Solutions dispensaries.”

The makers of “Charlotte’s Web” have responded to Dr. Kingsley’s claims, Ryan Kingsbury of CW Botanicals, the company responsible for “Charlotte’s Web said,” “We often hear from groups claiming to have superior genetics,” he said in a statement. “What those groups don’t have is our commitment to quality, purity, safety and social responsibility, which are unmatched by anyone in the industry. We are proud when companies such as this one use our Charlotte’s Web brand as a benchmark for excellence.”

Charlotte’s Web caused an influx of patients to flock to Colorado in 2013 when it became available for medical use. Kingsley said Katelyn Faith could cause a similar “medical refugee” rush to Minnesota like Colorado experienced, as federal law does not allow the transportation of cannabis across state lines, even in seed form.

“It could happen,” Kingsley said of patients moving to Minnesota from out of state. “We look forward to providing medicine to any patients who qualify.”


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