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Voters in Ohio Are For and Against Marijuana

A new poll released by the University of Akron, shows that Ohio voters are split on marijuana.  According to the survey, 53 percent of participants said the amendment to legalize pot is a good idea. But 43 percent said it will encourage citizens, including children, to use marijuana and other drugs.

Supporters of Issue 3, which will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot, believe it would permit people 21 and over to use marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. If passed, it would allow for marijuana manufacturing at 10 predetermined sites in the state and create a system for testing the substance.

Issue 2 is commonly referred to as the “anti-monopoly amendment.  Issue 2, written by lawmakers, takes aim at citizen-initiated ballot proposals which would “grant a “monopoly, oligopoly or cartel” for a petitioner’s “exclusive financial benefit.”  Supporters of Issue 2 have wildly different views when it comes to marijuana. Some think pot should be grown like a tomato plant while others think weed is a gateway to harder drugs.

Even though more than half of those surveyed said Issue 3 is bad because it will grant 10 wealthy land owners a monopoly on growing marijuana in the state, a majority are in favor of the tax revenue generated for local governments through the legal sale of pot.

The one thing that unifies Ohio voters, is their belief that ResponsibleOhio is pushing a bad plan for the plant, thus creating a monopoly for themselves.  ResponsibleOhio officials say the term “monopoly” is incorrect because other business opportunities in the supply chain, such as manufacturing marijuana products or owning marijuana retail stores, are available to non-investors.

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