Friday , May 27 2016

Learn to Invest in Cannabis

Map of Legal Marijuana States

What States Have Legalized Marijuana?

Although cannabis remains illegal as a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, many U.S. states have now legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, with some states also legalized recreational use of marijuana.  Below is a current list of states that have legalized marijuana and in what fashion. The District of Columbia has …

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Marijuana Plant

West Virginia Looks to Legal Marijuana as a Solution to Budget Crisis

West Virginia Senator Ed Gaunch calls the financial condition of his state “an unprecedented financial crisis,” saying that during an extended special budget session legislators learned that the state needs an $271 million or more to balance the budget for the fiscal year 2017. Delegate Mike Pushkin thinks that marijuana …

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AV1 Group Pens Deal for Hemp Oil Dispensing Teeth Cleaning Tool

Toothbrush? Check. Toothpaste? Check. Dental Cannatizer and Hemp Oil? Ch…What?  While many companies are focusing their efforts on the medicinal benefits of the cannabis genus, AV1 Group (OTCPK:AVOP) is taking an approach that is pretty unique. The La Holla, California-based investment and holding company said on it entered an exclusive …

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squirrel gun marijuana

What do Squirrels, Marijuana and a Gun Have in Common?

The answer to this ancient paradox is, of course, Ian Breiholz. Last week, as reported by Fox 2, Breiholz was seen going through a garbage bin in Chesterfield Township, Michigan and the police were notified. Breiholz, who was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in 2007 and sentenced to three years …

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